For more than 20 years the Town of Cary has celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Dreamfest.  This annual weekend of events provides an opportunity to both highlight and to reflect on the values he taught us through his example, including the values of courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service.

The goal of the 2017 Dreamfest will be to put on display his most powerful tool that he used in the civil rights movement, including universal, unconditional love, forgiveness and nonviolence.  The theme of this year’s Dreamfest is “Healing Race Relations Through Conversation and Participation”.

While other aspects of the weekend may take a more cultural focus, a committee of citizens working with Jireh Management Group headed by Al Cohen has proposed to bring speakers from across the country as well as from the Triangle Area to the second annual Diversity Summit to be held at the Cary Arts Center.  This conference is intended to help frame the idea of “Healing” and using the principles Dr. King brought into focus for us.  These sought out speakers will be participating in a structured conversation with local representatives of the NAACP, African-American Studies professors from area universities, local clergy and The community to allow for a fuller understanding on racial identity and what we all might learn from their perspective. The parallels of this conference will deal with Dr. King’s struggle against the hypocrisy of his era as illustrated by judging others without full understanding, rushing to condemn without first seeking truth and by using preconceived notions to define individuality and thereby consigning entire groups of people to second class status.

Why Dreamfest?

Dreamfest is an annual event that has been established by the Town of Cary intentionally during Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday weekend to bring about opportunities to have a National discussion from a Local platform on Race Relations, Equality, Cultural Sensitivity, Community Involvement, as well as Diversity & Inclusion.

Why Cary?

Cary is a Town that is filled with an array of opportunities for kids, teens, adults and families. It is increasingly becoming a melting pot in the state of North Carolina with its growing population of individuals, as well as families, from different ethnicities, race and cultures that are migrating to the Town of Cary. Being part of the Triangle, sandwiched between Raleigh and Durham, we believe that Cary is the place and the platform to provide healing and restoration to our Nation through Conversation, Participation and Interpretation.

Cary Cares About the Community

We are continually looking for ways to support our diversified community and although we may be “many”, we seek to become one.